Nanaj EP

by Japanski Premijeri

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daniel van kleef
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daniel van kleef lovely music,done really well and interesting!
will play it loads,thanks for creating. Favorite track: Lena Delta.
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This is the Record Store Day 2016 Extended Play release by Japanski Premijeri.

Music for all sorts of sleeping.

01 Lena Delta (Gržetić – Juričić – Krivac – Mateljan)

Written by Marin Juričić. Additional composition by Petra Gržetić, Enver Krivac and Moris Mateljan. Vocals by Petra Gržetić. Synths and textures by Moris Mateljan. Acoustic and electric guitars by Marin Juričić. Synths, beats, treatments and production by Enver Krivac.

Contains whistles from 'Silent Trip' whistled by Marin Juričić and excerpts from 'Klaus Šulce Miči Se S Ulce' and 'La Lune, Jeunesse' written and performed by Moris Mateljan.

Lena is the easternmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean. Its delta is a scientific nature reserve and it's freakin' awesome.

02 JP420 (Juričić – Krivac)

Written by Marin Juričić and Enver Krivac. Electric guitar by Marin Juričić. Synth bass, synths, percussion, treatments and production by Enver Krivac.

Contains field recording from Church of Saint Anthony the Anchorite, Lubenice, Island of Cres, Croatia. Recorded by the Nitro Blutin Crew in late autumn of 2012.

JP420 can mean many things. Life's what you make it.

03 The Great Attractor (Mateljan)

Written by Moris Mateljan. Synths and programming by Moris Mateljan. Vocals by Petra Gržetić. Electric guitar by Marin Juričić. Treatments and production by Enver Krivac.

The Great Attractor is a gravitational anomaly in intergalactic space within the vicinity of the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster at the centre of the Laniakea Supercluster that reveals the existence of a localised concentration of mass tens of thousands of times more massive than the Milky Way.

04 EVA (Mateljan)

Written by Moris Mateljan. Synths, sounds and treatments by Moris Mateljan. Electric guitar by Marin Juričić. Additional sounds and production by Enver Krivac.

EVA stands for 'extravehicular activity'. It is any activity done by an astronaut or cosmonaut outside a spacecraft beyond the Earth's appreciable atmosphere.


released April 16, 2016


Petra Gržetić – vocals and sampled vocals
Marin Juričić - composition, voice, sounds, theories, acoustic and electric guitars and basses
Enver Krivac – composition, beats, sounds, synths and production
Moris Mateljan - composition, sounds, analogue monophonic synthesizers, sequencer programming and keyboards

There are no members of our extended musical family featured on this, but we love them still.

Recorded in Rijeka, Croatia at TTS, Kubrick, Welsh Room, and Prostorius in 2016.

Produced by Enver Krivac at Welsh Room.

Painting on the cover is called 'Flaming June' and it was done by Sir Frederic Leighton in 1895.

Sleeve by Japanski Premijeri.

Japanski Premijeri will return.

Thank you for paying attention.




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Japanski Premijeri Rijeka, Croatia

A travelogue of the roaming musical family.

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